Fried Ice Cream at Sunway

1 Apr

This green tea fried ice cream hit the spot after some Korean BBQ. Warm and crispy on the outside with ice cream inside, similar to the effect of having ice cream on top of a warm brownie. You can order anything at Sunway from dim sum at 2AM to delicious desserts anytime. Pick from either green tea, strawberry or vanilla ice cream to fry.

Sunway Restaurant
39-07 Prince Street

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Cheeburger Cheeburger

24 Nov

We know it’s been awhile since we last updated, but we’re back and will be posting regularly. A new What Would Wu Eat episode is in the works, but in the meantime check out what Wu thought of Cheeburger Cheeburger in Forest Hills.

Cheeburger Cheeburger prides itself with its 100% all natural angus beef and unlimited toppings at your desire. The cute, retro decor is reminiscent of a 60s diner and their list of shakes and malts will keep you debating on which flavor is the best. If you are up for the challenge, try their famous pounder burger which is 20 ounces of pure beef and as many toppings as you like. If you finish, you get a picture and spot up on their “Wall of Famers.” While none of our friends ordered the Famous Pounder, the Delirious, which is their second largest burger at 14 ounces of beef was ordered.

I went with something more untraditional and ordered their hot dog with different toppings. Bacon, lettuce, cheese, artichoke hearts, garlic and tomatoes made my meal delicious. Along with a side of fries, I was full regardless of not eating a burger.

More pictures from Cheeburger Cheeburger under the cut.

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Pho in Jackson Heights

27 Apr

Sunday night we stopped by Jackson Heights for a soothing bowl of pho from Thai Son. I  just got back home from a 30-hour non-sleep escapade.  I was  sleep deprived, tired and sore as I also played 4 hours of basketball in the early morning. So I went in search for some comfort food – a big, steaming bowl of pho.

According to Carolyn pho is Viet Nam’s national dish; and depending on which region you visit, it is served in various ways. The more popular version here in the US is the Saigon-style soup served with a side of bean sprouts, Vietnamese basil, lemon/lime and hoisin sauce. I like it because it has a hearty broth, with meat, noodles and fresh vegetables.  Carolyn’s mom makes the best pho I’ve ever tasted in my life and you can taste the love and hours that goes into cooking it. Traditional pho takes time (like over 24 hours!) to let the beef bones cook, but it is worth every minute when you’re rewarded with the flavorful broth.

In California, I was spoiled by the vast options of Vietnamese food I had access to. Here in New York, you can still find a good bowl of pho, but a smaller Vietnamese community here means fewer options. Manhattan has trendier pho restaurants at ridiculous prices (not including Chinatown), but in Queens the prices are more affordable, the portions are bigger, and the taste is better.

Cost of dinner:
Vegetarian Goi Cuon: $4
Beef pho: $6.50 (Extra large combo)
Canh Chua Ca: $ 8.95

More pictures of dinner after the cut.

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Eat Citifield

22 Apr

Thank you to everyone who has read, spread the word and supported What Would Wu Eat? We hope you enjoy our blog and keep coming back.

This past Tuesday, we went to CitiField to see the NY Mets take on the Houston Astros. The Mets are currently in last place, and it was rainy and cold that night; but that didn’t stop a couple of die hard fans and a large contingent of friends out to the ballpark. It was also the same night as the anticipated second playoff game between the NY Knicks and Boston Celtics, and as quintessential orange and blue fans, we tried to catch both events.

Being caught up in the moment, there were many facets of the night and CitiField that we missed in our video. Overall, the stadium is really nice, as it has a view of the NYC skyline as well as connecting bridges to the Bronx.  As you make your way into the ballpark, you can see the grandeur of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, and once inside you can enjoy an array of ethnic cuisines and traditional ball park favorites.  The arena also has the famed Shake Shack, as well as fresh made kettle popcorn.

For me, I got my usual sausage and pepper hero; with nachos and a drink.

Pictures from Tuesday night’s game under the cut.

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Happy Birthday to Wu!

18 Apr

Happy birthday to Mitch as he turns a year older!

Courtesy of Rodney Morandi

When I met Mitch 5 years ago, I was amazed by his appetite and we immediately became great friends, sharing endless meals and searching for the best deal in California. Not much has changed since then and I’m very grateful to have a partner who shares the same passion for food and life.

This past weekend, our friends and family dined at La Pequena Colombia for Mitch’s surprise birthday party. Although he suspected something before, everyone had a great time and there was plenty of food to enjoy. Favorite dishes of the night: churrasco, chuleta apanada, pargo rojo al gusto and pasta primavera.

Thank you to all our friends and family who came to wish Mitch a happy birthday. Birthday pictures under the cut.

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Eating in Washington D.C

18 Apr

Hi everyone, this is Carolyn!

This past weekend Tiffany and I happily left gloomy NYC to reunite with our friend Truong, who was in D.C to perform at the Smithsonian Museum. Our weekend plans involved: eating, laughing and more eating.

D.C is home to the largest Ethiopian community in the country and I was adamant to Truong and Tiffany that we would eat Ethiopian on our vacation. Ethiopian food comes second on my list of favorite foods (after Vietnamese of course) and I could eat it everyday. I love the different vegetarian wat that is served with the injera bread. And any opportunity to share a meal with friends makes it even more special. We headed to Lalibela and the food did not disappoint.

This was the lightest meal compared to the rest of the weekend…

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Hot Pot at Home

9 Apr

“Hot Pot” or the literal translation in Chinese: “Fire Pot”,  is a eating phenomenon that is getting more and more popular in NYC.  It has always been around in Asia, particularly in China, Japan, and Taiwan, in which you have a hot cauldron (or pot) of boiling water or broth, and eat as you cook the food.

Although you can always enjoy a night out at any hot pot establishment, I like to have my own hot pot at home.  Preparing for hot pot is easy, as all you need is the pot, and you can choose any variety of food for your meal.   Choose any thinly sliced meat from chicken, beef, pork or lamb, seafood, and add that with any variety of vegetables, dumplings and noodles – mix that with dipping sauce and you’ve got a fun and tasty eating experience.

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What Would Liu, Dromm & Wu Eat? = Eat Elmhurst!

5 Apr

Courtesy of Alex Florez

Thanks for all the support since we’ve launched What Would Wu Eat? After seeing Mitch’s delicious review of Elmhurst restaurants, Council Member Daniel Dromm and Comptroller John Liu headed to Lao Kou Wei to taste their infamous soups, attempt to pull noodles and kick off Eat Elmhurst restaurant week.

Courtesy of Alex Florez

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Orange Sac Sac

31 Mar

Mitch introduced me to these little wonders awhile ago and before then I had never seen or tasted something like this before. This little can of juice (with pulp!) is packed with Vitamin C and goodness. Just be careful with the high sugar content if you’re sensitive to it.

I recently packed our fridge with both grape and orange Sac Sac. They’re available at most Asian grocery stores (H-Mart in our neighborhood has an endless supply). It’s perfect as a snack or with a meal.

I prefer the orange to the grape only because the grapes are hard to grab from the small opening, but its delicious nonetheless. Other favors include coconut jelly and pineapple (never seen them though).

My only question concerning the grape Sac Sac is how they peel the skin off the grapes but still keep it intact? Mysteries of the world.

Eat Elmhurst!

30 Mar

Our first episode of What Would Wu Eat?

Mitch and our first guest Tiffany visits Lao Kou Wei, Chao Thai and Kung Fu Tea in Elmhurst, Queens. We apologize for the wind in the beginning, but let us know what you think of the video or if you’ve ever tried the food.

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