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Eating in Washington D.C

18 Apr

Hi everyone, this is Carolyn!

This past weekend Tiffany and I happily left gloomy NYC to reunite with our friend Truong, who was in D.C to perform at the Smithsonian Museum. Our weekend plans involved: eating, laughing and more eating.

D.C is home to the largest Ethiopian community in the country and I was adamant to Truong and Tiffany that we would eat Ethiopian on our vacation. Ethiopian food comes second on my list of favorite foods (after Vietnamese of course) and I could eat it everyday. I love the different vegetarian wat that is served with the injera bread. And any opportunity to share a meal with friends makes it even more special. We headed to Lalibela and the food did not disappoint.

This was the lightest meal compared to the rest of the weekend…

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