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Hot Pot at Home

9 Apr

“Hot Pot” or the literal translation in Chinese: “Fire Pot”,  is a eating phenomenon that is getting more and more popular in NYC.  It has always been around in Asia, particularly in China, Japan, and Taiwan, in which you have a hot cauldron (or pot) of boiling water or broth, and eat as you cook the food.

Although you can always enjoy a night out at any hot pot establishment, I like to have my own hot pot at home.  Preparing for hot pot is easy, as all you need is the pot, and you can choose any variety of food for your meal.   Choose any thinly sliced meat from chicken, beef, pork or lamb, seafood, and add that with any variety of vegetables, dumplings and noodles – mix that with dipping sauce and you’ve got a fun and tasty eating experience.

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